Master Thesis

Standard terms for defence of thesis are June, September, turn of January and February.

Do not forget, that the term for Assignmnet submission/uploading is 6 months before scheduled Defence.

Thesis submission for SEPTEMBER Thesis Defence is August 19, 2024 9:30 – 10:30) in the room NB396!



Please learn Methodology well, where you can find all important information and terms for your thesis writing!



You can contact teacher who you choose for supervising of your Thesis:

doc. PhDr. Ing. Marek Loužek, Ph.D.

  • Pension systems
  • European Union

Ing. Lucia Bartůsková, Ph.D.

  • Trends in labour force participation of women, occupational segregation, and the gender pay gap
  • China’s one-child policy: impact on pension system

Ing. Milan Bednář, Ph.D.

  • Economic policy in general (fiscal policy, monetary policy, etc.)
  • The European Union and its policies (economic perspective – e.g. coronavirus crisis, debt crisis, migration crisis, common currency, euro, etc.)
  • The issue of the European debt crisis in selected countries and the possible consequences of its further continuation
  • Evaluation of the euro as a single EU currency and its prospects
  • Evaluation of heterogeneity of selected countries in the European Union and its consequences for the integration process
  • other topics are possible after individual consultation and agreement

Ing. Petr Brabec, Ph.D.

  • Pension system in Hungary: Post-nationalisation development (2010 – 2021)
  • Pension system in Poland: Post-nationalisation development (2014 – 2021)
  • Possible outcome of the FF DB application in “selected country” (2021)
  • Possible outcome of the NDC application in “selected country” (2021)