Program Qualification Profile

Fundamental philosophy, academic profile of the program

The main aim of the Master of Economics and Public Policy program is to prepare new economists with theoretical and practical knowledge for future positions as economic and financial analysts  in both the private and the public sectors, such as in government, the central bank, commercial banks and major international corporations in the Czech Republic as well as abroad.


Profile of student

The program is suitable for Czech and international students who want to gain a very strong background in economic and social science disciplines and want to start their career nationally or internationally.


Profile of the graduate

Graduates will have the knowledge to be able to:
• understand economic and financial information and understand the links between economic science and other scientific disciplines;
• interpret the economic logic of rational behavior at the microeconomic and macroeconomic levels, both in the domestic economy and internationally;
• characterize the view of various economic schools and approaches to the functioning of economic systems and their key elements,
• describe the possible consequences of changes in the behavior of institutions on people’s interactions in society;
• orientate in advanced theories of economic growth and business cycles in a small open economy;
• formulate an economic problem, solve optimization problems and construct market equilibrium models;
• carry out empirical research using econometric models.