Useful information for students



The registration and enrollment of courses at the Prague University of Economics and Business can be done only through the Integrated Study Information System (InSIS). There is no other option.


Registration of courses

The registration serves to collect the interests of students in courses. If students do not register/show their interest in the course, they cannot be involved in the enrollment (only if there are remaining free places). The registration is necessary, especially for the compulsory courses. It is possible to register also for a course, for which the system shows “there is no free capacity anymore”. Since the registration is a system of orders, there is no time competition among students (no first come first served basis) – it is not important on which day you register (even if you register on the last day, it has no impact on the enrollment procedure).


Automated enrollment

The automated enrollment is a process where students are not involved.  If there is an excess demand for a certain course, the computer selects students to join the course they registered. Students need to check what courses they were signed up for automatically.



The enrollment is a stage after the automated enrollment where students can only enroll in courses where free places are available. This stage is based on time competition, first come, first served! There are three rounds of the enrollment:

1st round – for compulsory courses which students registered before

2nd round – for compulsory as well as optional courses which students registered before

3rd round – for all courses, including courses which students did not register before


Changes in the enrollment

Additional changes in the enrollment can be made by students also during the first teaching week. Students can add courses, if there is a free capacity only. Students cannot abandon courses, if it means that they will not achieve the amount of ECTS they were signed up for automatically (the final amount of ECTS cannot be lower than the amount of ECTS achieved in the automated enrollment).

Students of our program will receive the detailed list of courses for the relevant semester from the program coordinator before the registration starts, including all information necessary for their planning of the relevant semester.

From the 2nd semester of their study, the students make their registration by themselves. In the ISIS, you go to the Student´s portal and then click on the Registration/Enrollment. Here you can add/select your courses (searching by code or part of the name is possible). You need to select courses from the offered list and click on the Add selected courses. Then you need to select Timetable for individual courses (if more timetable options are available). Sometimes you also need to select Language or Group (e.g. oV or oV2 etc.).